45th Annual Meeting of Mycological Society of India will be held at NFCCI, MACS Agharkar Research Institute, Pune, Maharashtra, India , Dates will be announced in due course

Honorary Members

Prof. Gunnar Degelius
University of Upsala, Goteborg, Sweden Professor Gunnar Degelius (1903-1993),
Goteborg, Sweden published many papers on lichenology.





Prof.  Robert Kühner
University of Lyon, 3 Paul Sabatier CNRS, UMR 5174,
F-31062 Toulouse Cedex 4, France.
Robert Kühner, born Paris 15 March 1903, died Lyon 27 February 1996,
was a French mycologist most notable for reviewing many agaric genera.





Prof. Cecil Terence Ingold
Professor of Botany,
Birkbeck College, London UNITED KINGDOM
Cecil Terence Ingold, mycologist, born 3 July 1905;
died 31 May 2010. In 1938 Ingold began his study of freshwater fungi and in 1942 he published his seminal work: "Aquatic hyphomycetes of decaying alder leaves".Ingold continued to work on fungi for thirty years after his retirement.



Prof. John Nathaniel Couch
Professor of Botany,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Prof.John N. Couch born in 1896 in Prince Edward County, Virgina - died in 1986) was an American mycologist. Dr. Couch followed the interests of his mentor, Dr. Coker, in his research on fungi. He co-authored a work on the gastromycetes of the eastern United States with Coker, a work which remains unsuperseded. During a brief period of study in Jamaica, Couch became interested in the genus Septobasidium, a fungus which exists symbiotically on the trunks of tropical trees with scale insects and which became the focus of his life's work. His 1938 monograph on the genus earned him the Walker Prize of the Boston Society of Natural History. Other fungal genera on which he worked were Actinoplanes, which he discovered and believed to be a possible link between fungi and bacteria; Coelomomyces, a fungus which parasitizes mosquito larvae; and (briefly) the green alga Vaucheria, in which he studied gametogenesis.


 Dr. Geoffrey Clough Ainsworth
Commonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew, London, UNITED KINGDOM
Geoffrey Clough Ainsworth (born on 9 October 1905 in Birmingham - died on 25 October 1998 in Derby) was a British mycologist and scientific historian. He received his doctorate from the University of London in 1934. From the 1930s to 1960s, he studied and wrote on fungi including their medical uses. Later, he wrote on the history of the field with An Introduction to the History of Mycology (1976), An Introduction to the History of Plant Pathology (1981), and An Introduction to the History of Medical Mycology in 1986.

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